Borealis Blog is Born

Spring is a season of new growth, rebirth and change — the perfect time of year to begin a new blog, a yoga blog.  This feels especially true since one of the places I teach has just opened its doors in a new location.  The Central Community Center, as its been dubbed, is the result of tremendous infusion of energy and time by parks and recreation department staff, board members and community members who believe in the vision that our old elementary school building can be repurposed as a fitness and community center that supports wellness and builds a sense of community in our little northern town.  The new Center opened its doors this past Monday and is already well-received by the community.

It has been wonderful to be part of the evolution of the old school, from an abandoned building to a freshly-painted, cheerful, welcoming center. And while my contribution (painting the yoga room) feels small compared to the herculean efforts of the core group that led the renovation, I feel so grateful to have been part of this grassroots endeavor.

This past Tuesday night marked the first time the department’s yoga classes met in the new Center. What a wonderful feeling to begin to enfuse the room with good yoga vibes!! I look forward to many more hours shared with others in the pursuit of yogic bliss! 🙂 Congratulations!


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