Energy Management

DSCN1784The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.  ~ Henry Van Dyke

Spring is a season of new energy, new direction.  These past few weeks, the weather has fluctuated wildly, as winter and spring wrestle with the change. One day, it seems clear spring is coming with 40-degree F weather that brings rain and begins to erode the snowbanks.  The next day winter returns, as frigid northwest winds push lake effect snow shoreward.  Fluffy white flakes whip past the window and coat the landscape.

In the midst of this confusing weather, it’s easy to build expectations and then feel disappointment when they are dashed.  Or, the Buddha might say it’s easy to engage clinging and aversion, wanting this and not wanting that.  Have you heard others – or yourself – lamenting the lingering snow, complaining about the mud, wishing for warm air or spring flowers?

Today as I stepped out the door and padded across a fresh blanket of snow toward Saturday morning yoga practice, I found myself appreciating the late April snows.  They are usually beautiful and wet.  They extend the reprieve from yard work, offering a few more days of winter hibernation.  And perhaps most importantly, they are what they are:  the present moment!  And who can argue with that?  With the hustle of a busy May schedule on the horizon, I choose to relish in these last lingering days of winter restfulness!  Enjoy!


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