Summer Yoga Begins


If there is one thing I have gotten better at as I age, it is knowing when to say “no” and then following through.  This spring, with an important family celebration on the horizon, I resolved to take the month of May “off” from teaching.  With the exception of three classes the first few days of the month, I met my intention.

With the extra time and energy on my hands, I focused on planning that family gathering — spring cleaning, cooking, baking and gardening.  Our big event came and went, and it felt like a wonderful success!  I was left with a huge sense of gratitude for my intention and follow-through.

And then, with all that work behind me, I began to notice excess capacity — energy ready and waiting to return to the yoga studio!  Hurray!  I look forward to classes beginning again in early June.  But I’ve also taken care to mix in the freedom of summer into the schedule:  some classes will be held outdoors as weather permits, and we’ll take breaks to join family and friends celebrating summer holidays and festivities.  Yoga is about strength and discipline …

… But it is also about flexibility.  Remember brahmacharya, one of the yamas (or restraints) of the first limb of yoga. Bramacharya teaches us about energy management, about the benefits of mindfully directing our energy toward what best serves our whole selves.  As we move through spring toward the high pitch of summer, I invite you to set an intention for balanced energy.  Have a productive summer, and also take time to smell the roses as you join your friends for a morning of yoga 🙂

“Equanimity is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind.”

~ Nyanaponika Thera


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