Gratitude, svadhyaya

Beginning with Gratitude

Happy morning tulips...
Happy morning tulips…

For several years it has been my practice to end most days with gratitude.  Beside my bed I keep a gratitude journal.  Teeth brushed and jammies on, I spend a few minutes contemplating the day’s events, noting at least five things for which I am grateful.  People.  Flowers.  Food.  Good fortune.  Big or small, I write them down.  Some days, I muster only short phrases.  To the point.  Other days, I wax on in flowery descriptive paragraphs.  Either way and no matter what the focus of my gratitude, it feels good.

On my morning walk today, I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for the lush beauty of a sunny spring morning beside Lake Superior.  How fortunate we are to live in a place of relative peace, where upon waking one must immediately face the many points of one’s good fortune!  And how luxurious to walk meditatively, quietly relishing gratitude … I believe gratitude may be the ultimate wealth as it doubles the value of one’s other blessings.

And so, now I have set the intention to both begin and end each day with gratitude!  I am not sure I want to use the gratitude journal twice a day, though.  I’m contemplating what other ritual I could establish — something light and airy and uplifting, something quick and easy that does not require paper or pencil…  Any ideas?!


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