Home Practice

Sunrise with Dock

Even though we don’t have Saturday morning yoga this weekend, I encourage you to use that 11 a.m. time slot for personal practice.  If home is a busy place on Saturday mornings, maybe step out and find a quiet place nearby — perhaps a park, a beach, or even quiet corner in a public building.   Here are some practice ideas that I hope will encourage you.

1. Body Wisdom:  Last Saturday we talked about “body wisdom,” that component of intuition that allows us to really hear the messages our bodies are continually sending us.  Continuing that theme, perhaps you could begin your practice with sitting meditation, taking time to scan the body for messages.  If you have a journal, keep it handy so that after meditation you can quickly jot down anything you sensed and don’t want to forget.

2. Pratapana/Warm-up:  Remember to take time to warm up.  Incorporate the breath in your warm-up.

3. Asana/Postures:  When you begin to feel limber, practice sun salutation.  How would it feel to practice for a set time (say 10 minutes) rather than counting repetitions?  Before moving to other poses, take time to breath and listen to your body.  What does it want next?  Let your asana unfold based on what your body needs.  No matter what poses you choose, remember to coordinate motion with breath, and build your poses from the ground up.  Take care of you!

4. Plan at least 10 minutes for savasana at the end of your practice.  Once again, let go of thought, connect with the breath and scan the body.  Relax and enjoy!


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