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Practicing Patience

Have patience.  All things are difficult before they become easy.  ~Saadi

ImageIt just so happens  that patience was the theme I had identified for the fourth week of this fall’s class series.  As luck would have it, this week is rife with circumstances that promise to test my patience for some untold length of time.  And so, we teach the class we need to take!  After tonight’s “namaste” as I drove home slowly through our small town, I knew that in the coming week I could benefit from cultivating serenity in the face of adversities.  It might be useful to exercise tolerance whenever one happens upon trying conditions, but I felt the need for more dependable exercise.  I recalled having read in a book the idea of nurturing patience by purposely seeking out irritations:  choosing the longest line at the grocery checkout, waiting for a slow-moving car to go through the intersection so that you can ride behind it, purposely choosing to lunch out at the busiest hour.  And so, I have committed to look for every opportunity to flex my patience muscles in the week ahead, both on and off the mat.  Breathing, coordinating motion with breath, keeping a long spine and an open heart, relaxing into my edge in all of life’s postures … Wish me patience! 🙂   All things are difficult before they become easy.


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