Aparigraha: Non-Attachment

IMG_1949Non-attachment (‘Aparigraha’ in Sanskrit) is often listed as the sixth of the Restraints (Skt: Yamas).  In our material culture, it may be one of the most important restraints to cultivate in your yoga practice.  If you find that you are overly concerned about materials goods or that shopping takes up too much of your time, consider cultivating Aparigraha on the mat.  During yoga practice, you might focus the mind on noticing any unhelpful mental or physical attachments that pop up during practice.  For instance, does the mind become stuck on ideas about how you should look in certain poses, or attached to a certain yoga routine?  Do you ever cling to “I can’t do this pose” rather than releasing into “I am working on this pose”?  Consider an intention around building self-awareness of attachments on the mat, then carry that awareness with you into your daily life.


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