svadhyaya, Yoga

Taking Up Space

Life can be very busy.  How do you feel when you look at a busy calendar?  Maybe it feels exciting and energizing.  Or sometimes, maybe it feels a bit overwhelming.  When those moments of overwhelm come along, sometimes self-care gets crowded out.  Our personal concerns may be overlooked as we strive to meet the expectations we perceive around us.

It’s times like that when I find it helpful to contemplate the idea of taking up space — of literally taking “self-space” on the to-do list of life as well as in literal ways.IMG_0151

During your sadhana this week, I invite you to contemplate your relationship with “taking up space.”  In our on-the-mat practice, we’ll play with various ways of spreading our wings to fill the space around us.  Then, consider whether you are comfortable claiming real estate off-the-mat:  Do you ask for your fair share of time? Do you voice your preferences?  Are you willing to stand up and be heard?  How comfortable are you sharing “space” in life — whether it be physical, emotional or some other kind of space?


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