What is Community?


In her book “Choosing Simplicity,” Linda Breen Pierce argues that “community means more than the interdependence of people for their basic needs. It also implies sharing and trusting on other levels: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and recreational.  The experience of community can also extend beyond our immediate geographical area to statewide, national and global arenas.” (p.154 Simplicity Lessons, Breen)

“Sangha” is a Pali & Sanskrit word, often used in Buddhism, which originally referred primarily to the community of monks. In modern times, the word is often used to include lay communities of meditation practitioners and in yoga, to refer to those who practice together.

As we practice yoga, coming together in this community can be supportive.  It can encourage us to grow and develop.  How can you make the most of your participation in community? What do you receive?  What can you give?


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