The Power of Community

o-CANADA-GARBAGE-WASTE-facebookI believe that developing a realistic understanding of our connection to the natural world allows us to witness to the real power of community:  that is, what can be achieved when people of all understandings (political, religious, etc) choose to work together with environmental groups, Native American tribes, and federal agencies toward common goals based on a context of humans being one small part of an Earth-centered community.   In Thomas Berry’s words:

“Strangely enough, it is our efforts to establish a thoroughly sanitized world that have led to our toxic world. Our quest for wonderworld is making wasteworld.  Our quest for energy is creating entropy on a scale never before witnessed in the historical process.  We have invented a counterproductive society that is now caught in the loop that feeds back into itself in what can presently be considered a runaway situation.” ~ Thomas Berry, The Great Work

So what is the wise practitioner to do?  Short of getting all depressed, I believe we must individually and collectively make change.  The power of a population to effect negative change is visible all around us.  The power of a cohesive, thoughtful community to effect positive change is no less.  It’s up to us, however, to create community and motivate change!

To what communities do you belong?  How can you help move those communities toward positive, meaningful levels of change?


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