Yoga and Work

Shoveling snow away from the chimneyChoosing a job and career is one of your biggest life decisions. Discovering a right livelihood that serves you, others and the world is often a hero’s journey unto itself.  ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Life Practice (p. 299)

Whether your work is paid or not, it is not unusual for work to take up fully half of one’s waking hours. And even if we retire, we must devote each day to some way of life.  How can we integrate our values into our work?  Eastern philosophies put emphasis on the importance of choosing livelihood that lines up with one’s values.

Yoga practitioners often look to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Yamas and the Niyamas, for inspiration. The Yama/Restraint of Ahimsa/Nonviolence as a primary quality to apply in your daily work.

Think about your livelihood. How could you adjust your daily work to bring it more in line with your skills and your values?

Through work, you can express not only your character, but also at least part of your life’s purpose.  This is often a central thrust of practice, expressing a primal urge toward self-actualization and service. ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Life Practice (p.299)


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