Yoga and Play

Froggy bird bathWhen was the last time you set aside play time for yourself? I’m talking about active, creative, free play — just like kids do, using their imagination as one game evolves to another, with laughter and fun and togetherness often part of the mix.

In the serious world of “adulthood,” play is often replaced “relaxation” (which connotes inactivity) or “entertainment” (which sounds like a state of passive receiving).  Many adults lose touch with their creativity, forgetting what it feels like to play like a child.

What is your current relationship to play?  Consider setting aside a space of time for free play each week — even if it is only 15 minutes on Saturday morning — and then observe how you feel as you play.  Get outdoors and wander around.  Let yourself lie on the ground and watch an insect, or stare up at the clouds.  Make a mud pie or a sand castle.  Spend time coloring.  Talk to your cat.  And then, notice how it felt to play, and identify anything you’d like to change for next week’s play date.


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