Focusing: Vocalization

Anthidium_February_2008-1For some people, the shift from meditation on breathy sounds (e.g. ocean-sounding breath) to meditation with vocalized sound is uncomfortable.  But in my experience, it is often worth the effort to experiment with using vocalized sound as a concentration tool — many people are surprised at how effective it can be at promoting Pratyahara, the inward focus that leads us from “outer yoga” to “inner yoga”.  I find that bumble bee breath (Bhramari) is often an effective starting point for introduction of vocalization.  This week, we began practicing Bhramari with Shanmukhi mudra in class, so my invitation is that you continue to work with this breath in your home practice over the next couple of weeks.  (If you missed the class, this video offers a good description of the practice. Note there are several variations of the mudra which are not shown.) Even if you only have time to practice for a couple of minutes, notice what effect this When we resume class on May 10, we will build on this foundation of vocalized sound!


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