Generous Listening

IMG_3835Listening is more than being quiet while others have their say.  ~ Krista Tippet

Listening skills are perhaps the most essential aspect of successful communication. In her Civil Conversation Project, Krista Tippet highlights that importance, but also challenges us to take our conscious listening a step further.  “Real listening is powered by curiosity… The generous listener wants to understand the humanity behind the words of the other, and patiently summons one’s own best self and one’s own most generous words and questions.”  How can I bring a big, generous heart and curious ears into my interactions with others?  What is possible when I look for the humanity in those with whom I vehemently disagree?  In these days of sound bites and “alternative facts,” can we heal society by listening with dedicated presence and sincere connection?   It may not be easy, but we must try.


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