Body Wisdom

“The keystone teaching of Kripalu Yoga is a call for each individual to use the techniques of yoga to access the innate evolutionary intelligence lying dormant in the body. Any practice learned from an external source, no matter how refine or intensively done, is only a preliminary discipline clearing the way for the emergence of body wisdom.”

Yoga is not “one size fits all”! As you increasingly connect to your awareness to breath and body, your yoga will become increasingly refined and individual. Through personal experience, will find your way through trial and error to an ever-evolving yoga practice that responds to your uniqueness.

Your body is constantly speaking to you. By bringing yourself more in touch with your body, yoga helps you hear and honor those messages.

Body wisdom is a component of intuition, the ability to know without conscious reasoning. The ability to feel, the capacity to derive meaning from the subtle textures of feeling, can both dramatically increased by training the mind through yoga.

Practiced regularly, yoga begins to exert a powerful effect on lifestyle. It is not uncommon for people to stop smoking or break other harmful habits after years of trying, simply as a result of practicing postures, conscious breathing and relaxation.


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