Beginner’s Mind, Curious Mind

Curiosity is a major ally of presence. It engages us with the surrounding world and keeps our perspective constantly evolving. Plus the act of discovery is often a sheer joy. ~ Raphael Cushnir, How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment Beginner's mind is sometimes compared to the mind of a small child, which… Continue reading Beginner’s Mind, Curious Mind

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Transformation through Being in the Moment

This morning, our practice was inspired by the Tao Te Ching: 29th Verse Do you think you can take over the universe and improve it? I do not believe it can be done. Everything under the stars is a sacred vessel and cannot be controlled. Trying to control leads to ruin. Trying to grasp, we… Continue reading Transformation through Being in the Moment


Inspiration from Rumi

I find that my yoga practice leads me to a more clear awareness -- including awareness of the messages my body is sending me. Sometimes those messages are mundane: "I don't feel like doing this pose." But other times the cues I sense are more nuanced: "I don't feel like doing this pose because it… Continue reading Inspiration from Rumi


Body Wisdom: Reacquainting

Sometimes, we lose the mind-body connection. Maybe you are just too busy, either with necessary or unimportant activity. Maybe you feel distracted. Or sometimes the disconnection is our mind's technique for coping with trauma. Whatever the cause of our detachment from body awareness, in that state we miss out on the inherent wisdom of the… Continue reading Body Wisdom: Reacquainting



You don’t have to love or forgive or feel compassion to extend hospitality. But it’s more than an invitation. It is the creation of a safe, inviting, trustworthy space — an atmosphere as much as a place. ~ Krista Tippet, Civil Conversation Project In her Civil Conversation Project, Krista Tippet posits that hospitality is the "bridge… Continue reading Hospitality



A long, patient view of time will replenish our sense of our capacities and our hope for the world. ~ Krista Tippet, Civil Conversation Project In eastern philosophy, patience ("khanti" is Pali) is one of the ten "paramis" (Pali for "perfections" or "that which has gone beyond").  According to Gil Fronsdal, lead teacher at Insight… Continue reading Patience



There is a deep connection between intellectual humility and meaningful public discourse -- indeed ... such discourse is intellectually humble by nature. And yet at the same time, there are fundamental challenges to the very possibility of such rational dialogue, challenges that have yet to be overcome. ~ Michael Lynch, et al. ~~~ As I… Continue reading Humility